This year's NAM football tournament will be taking place on Tuesday 28th June from 19:00-21:00. If you have a team that you wish to enter, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who is coordinating the event. We currently have a few teams short of players, so if you want to enter on your own to make up the numbers then that would be great too!


We currently have the pitch booked from 19:00-21:00. We have 3 5-a-side 3G astroturf pitches available for the tournament. Conveniently, the football pitches are less than 5 minutes walk away from where the conference is taking place, so we can head on over there with plenty of time after the last talks on Tuesday. The sports centre changing facilities will be available for us to use.


Regarding equipment + kits etc., I also asked and there will be sets of football bibs to hire. However, it'd probably be easiest (and cut down on costs a little) if we organise our teams to be wearing the same kit colours, as I think this is how it was done last year. If you can email me with the information on what colour your team will be wearing that would be great (so we can avoid clashes).

We should have 4 footballs. However, there will be footballs available to hire just in case something disastrous happens and we lose some of them.

After the football:

I believe that is cutomary to go to a pub after the football. There are a couple of fairly large pubs close by, so if anyone wants to go there, we can arrange that.

The tournament itself:

I haven't organised the actual structure of the tournament yet, as we may get a couple of late teams entering. Here is the current team list (we have 6 entries so far, so enough to have a tournament at least):

Durham (captain William Cowley, kit=purple)

Liverpool (captain Matt Darnley)

Glasgow (captain Ben Alcock, kit=red)

St. Andrews 1 (captain Craig Johnston, kit=white)

St. Andrews 2 (captain Tim Hewlitt/Joshua Argyle, kit=blue/black)

Nottingham (captain Jake Arthur/Ross Hart)